15. February 2019

YouTube Silver Award for 100,000 Subscribers

SAMI Combat Systems gratefully accepts the YouTube Silver Award for reaching over 100,000 subscribers!

Peter Weckauf and his team have been working on Videoclips for YouTube to appeal to a broader audience since 2006. In August 2017 they brought one of their own SAMI instructors – a very motivated Alexandra Grein – onto the production team and with her support SAMI has managed to triple the number of viewers.

The team has released product tests, training clips in German and English, subtitled clips, videos on street defense and of course on special forces training and introductions to all SAMI Combat System Concepts!

Recently the team was awarded a very well-deserved 100,000 subscriber Silver Award by YouTube and to date (February 2019) counts over 120,000 subscribers and over 12,500,000 views!

It has been a pleasure seeing the SAMI Combat Systems YouTube channel grow so fast and we are looking forward to more interesting and instructive video content in the future!