5. November 2018

SAMI warrior goes U.S.A.

SAMI Headquarters’ Georg Platzer went to the United States of America to represent SAMI Combat Systems in Salem, Boston and Union, New Jersey. In a great and motivated atmosphere Georg presented Krav Maga Concept, Panantukan Concept, Knife Fighting Concept and for the first time in the U.S. Kapap Concept. Here is a little insight on his travels:

What a journey!

Doing this trip alone, on super short notice, holding 3 Seminars and an Instructor week, covering material of 5 different SAMICS styles, traveling several states and cities was quite some pressure and a challenge to step up to.

And I can say I am more than proud and happy about the outcome!

I love spreading the arts, teaching martial arts, seeing the world and meeting different people!

It also shows me how much SAMICS has grown over the last years! We have amazing instructors spread over the world and more and more people are falling in love with our arts!
There is so much passion, friendship and family.

I always have to thank Peter Weckauf for his trust in me and the endless hours of teaching, training and sharing, he is investing in me for almost a decade now. Before Sami traveling the world and teaching martial arts seemed an impossible goal!

Another huge thank you to Robert, Erica and Diane Nichols for treating me like a family member the last week and being the most amazing hosts ever!!!! I miss you already!

Georg Platzer, SAMI International