20. March 2018

SAMI Training Center in Brooklyn

Vienna/Brooklyn – March 2018

SAMI proudly presents its second official training center in the United States of America. We are happy to find Anthony Fontana as our partner in Brooklyn, New York. Anthony was nice enough to give us a little insight in how he found SAMI Combat Systems, which you can read in the following lines.

Where to begin….?

I remember sometime in 2014, maybe earlier, I did a Google search for “combative Panantukan” and found a video of Mr. Peter Weckauf and his SAMI Systems. I remember after watching the video I said to myself, “now that’s real Panantukan!”

Never would I have thought that years later I would become an instructor and represent his systems here in America. The opportunity to train with Peter became available in 2016 when my friend Duy decided to host him and the SAMILY in Pensilvania, and I immediately signed up!

I have trained Filipino Martial Arts (Kali, Panantukan, Silat) many years before training with Peter, but the first day of training with him I realized that he created a more efficient way of applying these techniques and I instantly believed in SAMI-CS. What captivated me more was that over the 4 days of getting to know Peter, Irmi and Georg, I saw how genuine and passionate they are, and that is very much how I am too. So there was a great connection.

After the 4 days of training, I earned the honor of being a SAMICS Instructor, and this was the first time anyone in my 18 years of training and studying ranked and gave me the opportunity to be an instructor In their Systems. So I hold SAMICS very close to my heart as my skills and ability to teach was recognized by a group that never met me before, but saw the potential that I had.

Now I’ve been training in SAMICS since 2016 and have been to HQ in Vienna twice now, and will continue to travel there because I am committed to become a great representative of SAMICS in the USA.

As I tell Peter every time I get to see him; “You’re stuck with me for life!”, and now it is with great honor that my school, Unlimited Martial Arts (UMA) is an Official SAMI Training Center in America. It is my goal to show the US these highly sophisticated and technical systems which I believe only enhance the skills of any martial artist tenfold.

# SAMI 4 Life!

Anthony Fontana,
has been a fitness enthusiast and student of numerous martial arts for almost 20 years. For the past decade, Anthony has been training exclusively under Sifu Phil Cruz in Jeet Kune Do, the Filipino Martial Arts, and Muay Thai. Throughout the years, their bond as brothers in the martial arts grew; they decided to combine their talents and make their dream of opening an academy a reality.
He is now the first instructor of SAMICS concepts in NYC under Peter Weckauf, the leading European instructor in combative systems. Anthony represents the M.A.R.S. curriculum under Guro Ron Balicki and Diana Inosanto. He is also a certified personal trainer and has been the strength and conditioning coach for numerous athletes and law enforcement personnel.