Krav Maga Concept

effective, simple, realistic

Krav Maga Concept is based on the classic Israeli fighting style Krav Maga and adapted to be even more effective for civilians as well as for security purposes. The system is a combination of self-defense and close combat, which trains the students natural reflexes and gives them the opportunity to absorb simple techniques that can be used in threatening situations. Krav Maga Concept helps physically weaker people to endure attacks unharmed and teaches its students never to give up. At the same time it is an excellent fitness work out, training the whole body through boxing and kicking techniques.

SAMI Interntional also offers special versions of Krav Maga Concept, like Krav Maga for women, Kids Krav Maga and Security Krav Maga. Through joining our seminar you will experience intensive training sessions, which will help you concentrate on improving your skills.

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