8. April 2017

Madrid – 4 day Panantukan Seminar March ’17

Madrid, Spain – 10th-13th March 2017- A four day Panantukan Concept seminar was held at SAMI Madrid, welcoming guests from all over Spain to train hard and learn new techniques first handed from Peter Weckauf.

Peter Weckauf and Robert Exl went to Madrid to do a four day SAMICS Panantukan Concept seminar. 26 Students from Galicien, Asturien, Burgos, Alicante, Zamora, Gotha, la Rioja and of course Madrid travelled to the capital to attend the course at Juan Luis Perez’ SAMI Krav Maga Academy.
It was an intensive four day course under the very professional leadership of Peter and Robert, who shared their basic principles of the concept, different kinds of manipulations, destructions as well as ground fighting, hubuds and sparring.
The focus was set on Panantukan Concept level one to three, preparing the participants to take their instructor, as well as their level exams at the end of day four. Seventeen of the twenty-six students took the opportunity and managed to reach their goal.
Peter was very satisfied to see the quality of the students development and he will return to Madrid in autumn for a SAMICS Knife Fighting Concept seminar and is thinking about a longer tour through Spain in 2018.