17. May 2019

KFC Seminar [May ’19]

Vienna HQ, Austria – 2nd – 5th May 2019

Students from all over Europe – including students from Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Italy and Austria – joined Peter Weckauf and Robert Exl at SAMI headquarters in Vienna for the first Knife Fighting Concept intensive seminar of 2019.

During the four days over 30 students trained in five levels. At this seminar special emphasis was placed on knife defense techniques in real life scenarios.

It was a great seminar, at the end of which ten of our students closed with their level exam. This time we had many students take their level 2 exam, which they all passed. We would like to congratulate everyone! Stay motivated and keep training!

The next 4-day international Knife Fighting Concept intensive course will be held in December 2019.