27. February 2019

Kapap Seminar HQ [Feb 2019]

Vienna HQ, Austria – 11th – 17th February 2019

For seven days over 60 students from Italy, German, Spain, France, Switzerland and Austria came to the SAMI headquarters in February to join Peter Weckauf for the first Kapap Concept seminar of the year.

The week of training was open to civilians but mainly attended by instructors, who work with police, corrections agencies and the military. They trained in five levels and additionally took part in a special teacher training for the instructors.

The very motivated and competent group was equipped with the expandable baton, handguns, rifles, handcuffs and pepperspray for training purposes.

This time our students were able to take their exams in 4 levels and we can welcome our new qualified Kapap Concept instructors to the SAMI family.