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10 Apr '18

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April 2018, Switzerland

The swiss online platform featured the head-instructor of the SAMI Academy Switzerland in Zurich Marco Schnyder in an interview. He explains how he┬ástarted to teach Self Defense classes, gives impressions of how to defend yourself when … Read More

11 Aug '17

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Paul Bennett and the SAMI Combat Systems

I have to admit my initial reason for seeking Peter and the SAMI Combat System out was completely selfish. My best friend and long-term training partner and I had been trying to work out how to bring the Tomahawk into … Read More

10 Aug '17

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SAMI on Puls4 Supernowak

The austrian TV station Puls4 featured SAMIs self defense class in their show Supernowak, in which Miss Supernowak Angelika Nidetzky took it upon herself to find out how to keep herself save from (sexual) assaults.

check out the clip here.

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08 Aug '17

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SAMI and Funker Tactical

In collaboration with Funker Tactical SAMI produced new video clips to give you an idea of how to defend yourself against knife attacks with a gun. In three detailed clips the viewer gets to see various exercises, a┬átactical approach against … Read More

15 Jun '17

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Daily Training

Through Daily Training we aim to inspire people to try new methods of training and help instructors to come up with new ideas to vary the content of their classes. You will find exercises, techniques and methods of Panantukan Concept, … Read More

SAMI & Reacher

With #fightlikereacher LAOLA TV and SAMI Vienna produced a video clip for the austrian premiere of Jack Reacher to show how the main character of the movie trained. The result was shown at the LAOLA premiere of the movie and … Read More