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05 Nov '18

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Thanks for 100,000 YouTube Subscribers


100,000 SUBSCRIBERS on YouTube

We are proud to announce our own SAMI YouTube Channel has reached 100,000 subscribers and over 11.5 million views!

Since 2006 we have offered our subscribers online training sequences in Krav Maga, Panantukan, Knife Fighting/Defense, … Read More

13 Feb '18

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SAMICS Security Krav Maga in Rostock

Rostock, Deutschland – 10./11. Februar 2018

Ralf Goede von SAMICS Security Krav Maga Partner Defensive Tactics Training MV lud am Wochenende zu einem Lehrgang zum Security Krav Maga Instruktor Level 1 ein. Es wurden Einsatztaktik, Eigensicherung, Begleit- und Transporttechniken, Zugriffs- … Read More

24 Jan '18

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Brno, Czechia – 13th of January 2018

Marian Komrska, SAMI Czech Republic, held a S.D.S. Concept workshop in Brno, Czech Republic. Over fifty students attended the four hour course, many of them from special military and police units. The training … Read More

24 Jan '18

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SAMICS at the U.K. Martial Arts show

Doncaster, U.K. – 5th – 6th of May 2018

SAMI Combat Systems will be represented at the U.K. Martial Arts show in May this year in Doncaster. Paul Bennett, Martin Sillitoe and Vince Marsh representing SAMI United Kingdom will be … Read More

24 Jan '18

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Axe Fighting seminar at HQ

Vienna HQ, Austria – 18th – 21st of January 2018

Peter Weckauf, Robert Exl and Georg Platzer invited their students and instructors to this years first four day Tomahawk and Axe Fighting Concept seminar at the SAMI headquarters in Vienna. … Read More

18 Jan '18

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Tomahawk Concept in BUDO Magazine

The Budo International Magazine published an article on Peter Weckauf’s Tomahawk Fighting Concept. Peter explains why he feels the axe is an important and useful weapon, which will find its place in martial arts.

Scroll down for German version.

German … Read More

15 Jan '18

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SAMI and BUDO International Magazine

The Budo International Magazine published an article on Peter Weckaufs Panantukan Concept, in which they explain what the principles of the concept are, how the training is built up and what is required to become an instructor.

Scroll down for the … Read More

24 Sep '17

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Instructor Gathering 2018

SAMI invites its instructors from all over the world to join the SAMI Instructor Gathering 2018, which will be held in Essex, United Kingdom from 25th-27th May. We want to give our international instructors the chance to have more training … Read More

24 Sep '17

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EBC Workshop in Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland – 15th September 2017

In September Peter Weckauf and Marco Schnyder, from the SAMI Academy in Switzerland, went to Zurich to work with expandable baton instructors of the Swiss police forces (STAPO, KAPO). In three hours they introduced … Read More