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14 Oct '19

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Kapap Concept now in US

New Jersey, USA – October 2019

Head of SAMI New Jersey Robert Nichols trained the New Jersey Police Department in SAMICS Kapap Concept. For two days they worked on different access techniques, teamwork and control techniques.

The SAMICS Kapap Law … Read More

05 Nov '18

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SAMI warrior goes U.S.A.

SAMI Headquarters’ Georg Platzer went to the United States of America to represent SAMI Combat Systems in Salem, Boston and Union, New Jersey. In a great and motivated atmosphere Georg presented Krav Maga Concept, Panantukan Concept, Knife Fighting Concept and for … Read More

22 Oct '18

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From Brooklyn to Vienna [Oct 2018]

October 2018 Anthony Fontana from U.M.A. Brooklyn visited  SAMI headquarters in Vienna and shares some insight on his journey in the following lines.

As many know I opened Unlimited Martial Arts with Sifu Phil Cruz almost 2 years ago. In … Read More

20 Mar '18

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SAMI Training Center in Brooklyn

Vienna/Brooklyn – March 2018

SAMI proudly presents its second official training center in the United States of America. We are happy to find Anthony Fontana as our partner in Brooklyn, New York. Anthony was nice enough to give us a … Read More

20 Mar '18

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First Female Instructor in the U.S. Hannah D. Scott

SAMI Combat Systems (SAMICS) has a history in trying to push their students, but especially women, to train hard and be confident about what they are doing. All the more we are happy to see Hannah D. Scott as our … Read More

15 Nov '17

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SAMI Union Knife Fighting Workshop

SAMI Union, USA – 11th of November 2017

On Saturday the 11th of November Robert Nichols held his first Knife Fighting Concept course at his school in New Jersey. Seventeen students attended the four hour workshop, many of which were new … Read More

21 Aug '17

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SAMI proudly presents…

SAMI prouldy presents the first SAMI Training Center in the United States of America!

Robert Nichols has owned Union UTA Martial Arts in Union NJ for well over 15 years. He holds black belts in multiple martial arts disciplines as … Read More

10 Aug '17

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SAMI and Warriors Magazine

The Warrriors Magazine featured Peter Weckauf and Irmengard Hanzal-Weckaufs S.D.S Concept in their February 2017 issue.

S.D.S. Concept – Always armed. The system quickly evolved into the use of “non-weapons” or everyday objects to accomplish the same goal in a way … Read More

09 Aug '17

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An american’s journey to SAMI HQ

After having trained with Peter Weckauf and his team twice over 2 years I was fortunate enough (being given permission from my wife) to take the family to Vienna and train at SAMI HQ. I will begin with saying that … Read More

26 Jul '17

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Orlando, Florida – U.S.A., 19th of July 2017 – SAMIs second tour to the United States

Peter Weckauf, Irmengard Hanzal-Weckauf and Georg Platzer are off on SAMIs second USA tour. Their first stop was Orlando, where the Orlando CQC … Read More