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03 Dec '18

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Krav Maga Instructor Seminar HQ [Nov 2018]

Vienna HQ, Austria – 22nd – 25th of November 2018

This time at the Krav Maga instructor seminar, Peter Weckauf and his team put the emphasis of training on ground fighting, defense from a poor position and didactics. About 30 students from … Read More

02 Mar '18

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4 day Kapap Concept Seminar HQ

Vienna HQ, Austira – 22nd – 25th of February 2018

55 students from the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Hungary and Austria joined Peter Weckauf, Anton Dyk and Flo Veigl for a four day instructor seminar in Kapap … Read More

11 Dec '17

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7-day knife seminar at SAMI HQ

Vienna SAMI HQ, Austria – 4th – 10th of December 2017

Around 40 students and instructors joined Peter Weckauf, Robert Exl and Georg Platzer at SAMI headquarters for the last seminar in 2017. For either seven, four or two days … Read More

27 Nov '17

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KMC Instructor Seminar HQ

Vienna HQ, Austria – 23rd to 26th of November 2017

As it is very important to SAMI that instructors keep developing their own technical skills as well as their skills as instructors, we are very proud that we could once more this … Read More

24 Oct '17

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4 Day Stick Fighting Seminar

Four Day Stick Fighting Concept Seminar – Vienna HQ, Austria – 19th – 22nd of October 2017

The four day Stick Fighting Concept Seminar was held in October at SAMI Headquarters in Vienna. Under the very competent instruction of Peter … Read More

12 Oct '17

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4 Day Kapap Seminar

Vienna HQ, Austria – 21st – 24th September 2017

Judiciary officers as well as martial art instructors from different disciplines joined the 4 Day Kapap Concept seminar held at the SAMI Headquarters in Vienna. Students from Kuwait, Germany, Switzerland and Austria attended … Read More

12 Oct '17

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7 Day Panantukan Seminar – SAMI HQ

Vienna HQ, Austria – 2nd – 8th of October 2017

For the second time this year Peter Weckauf and his team invited their international students and instructors to join the 7 day Panantukan Concept seminar at SAMI Headquarters in Vienna. … Read More

24 Sep '17

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Tomahawk Seminar – September 2017

Vienna, SAMI HQ, 7th-10th September 2017

Peter Weckauf and his team invited their students to join a four day seminar on Tomahawk and Axe Fighting Concept. Over the course of four days the students from the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and Austria … Read More

04 Sep '17

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Kids Camp 2017



 – 6th Krav Maga Camp for kids and juniors at SAMI Headquarters

When kids are asked „What did you like best“ and the answer is „what we’ve learned“ then something has turned out … Read More