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08 Aug '17

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SAMI and Funker Tactical

In collaboration with Funker Tactical SAMI produced new video clips to give you an idea of how to defend yourself against knife attacks with a gun. In three detailed clips the viewer gets to see various exercises, a tactical approach against … Read More

07 Aug '17

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Vienna – Expandable Baton Workshop

5th of August 2017, Vienna, SAMI Headquarters

Around sixteen people joined the four-hour Expandable Baton Concept (EBC) workshop at SAMI Headquarters in Vienna held by Robert Exl, one of SAMIs professional instructors. After explaining the general idea of the concept … Read More

26 Jul '17

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Orlando, Florida – U.S.A., 19th of July 2017 – SAMIs second tour to the United States

Peter Weckauf, Irmengard Hanzal-Weckauf and Georg Platzer are off on SAMIs second USA tour. Their first stop was Orlando, where the Orlando CQC … Read More

19 Jun '17

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Summer Camp 2017

In a very familiar atmosphere the 6th summer camp was held at Latisana, Italy, where about forty-five participants from Italy and Austria spent four days of training in the sun. The schedule gave the opportunity of three hours of training … Read More

14 Jun '17

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Instructor Gathering 2017

3rd – 6th of June 2017, Pöllauberg, Styria

This years instructor gathering was located in the south of Austria, in Pöllauberg, Styria. About twenty instructors from the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria joined Peter Weckauf for four days … Read More

08 Apr '17

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Madrid – 4 day Panantukan Seminar March ’17

Madrid, Spain – 10th-13th March 2017- A four day Panantukan Concept seminar was held at SAMI Madrid, welcoming guests from all over Spain to train hard and learn new techniques first handed from Peter Weckauf.

Peter Weckauf and Robert Exl … Read More

SAMI & Reacher

With #fightlikereacher LAOLA TV and SAMI Vienna produced a video clip for the austrian premiere of Jack Reacher to show how the main character of the movie trained. The result was shown at the LAOLA premiere of the movie and … Read More