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25 Mar '19

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Welcome SGL Piotr Turocha


Wien HQ/ Breslau – 24.03.201

Wir freuen uns den ersten, in Polen unterrichtenden, zertifizierten Panantukan Concept Instruktor Piotr Turocha vorstellen zu dürfen. Nach sieben Tagen harten Training in Wien konnte Piotr Turocha das Seminar mit dem … Read More

19 Nov '18

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Panantukan Instructor Course [Nov. 2018]

Vienna HQ, Austria – 15th-18th November 2018

Peter Weckauf and his team welcomed more than 30 students to the Panantukan Concept instructor course at the SAMI Headquarters in Vienna. The participants travelled from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, … Read More

22 Mar '18

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Panantukan Intensive Course Madrid

Madrid, Spain – 15th – 18th of March 2018

Peter Weckauf and Robert Exl went to SAMI Madrid to teach an intensive course in Panantukan Concept at Juan Luis-Perez’s school.

In a very welcoming and friendly environment more than twenty students … Read More

13 Mar '18

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Panantukan 7 day Instructor Course

Vienna HQ, Austria – 5th – 11th of March 2018

Fourty students from eight nations came to the headquarters in Vienna to join Peter Weckauf, Robert Exl and Georg Platzer for a seven day instructor course in Panantukan Concept. The … Read More

12 Oct '17

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7 Day Panantukan Seminar – SAMI HQ

Vienna HQ, Austria – 2nd – 8th of October 2017

For the second time this year Peter Weckauf and his team invited their international students and instructors to join the 7 day Panantukan Concept seminar at SAMI Headquarters in Vienna. … Read More

08 Apr '17

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Madrid – 4 day Panantukan Seminar March ’17

Madrid, Spain – 10th-13th March 2017- A four day Panantukan Concept seminar was held at SAMI Madrid, welcoming guests from all over Spain to train hard and learn new techniques first handed from Peter Weckauf.

Peter Weckauf and Robert Exl … Read More