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12 Oct '17

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7 Day Panantukan Seminar – SAMI HQ

Vienna HQ, Austria – 2nd – 8th of October 2017

For the second time this year Peter Weckauf and his team invited their international students and instructors to join the 7 day Panantukan Concept seminar at SAMI Headquarters in Vienna. … Read More

24 Sep '17

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EBC Workshop in Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland – 15th September 2017

In September Peter Weckauf and Marco Schnyder, from the SAMI Academy in Switzerland, went to Zurich to work with expandable baton instructors of the Swiss police forces (STAPO, KAPO). In three hours they introduced … Read More

24 Sep '17

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Tomahawk Seminar – September 2017

Vienna, SAMI HQ, 7th-10th September 2017

Peter Weckauf and his team invited their students to join a four day seminar on Tomahawk and Axe Fighting Concept. Over the course of four days the students from the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and Austria … Read More

07 Aug '17

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Vienna – Expandable Baton Workshop

5th of August 2017, Vienna, SAMI Headquarters

Around sixteen people joined the four-hour Expandable Baton Concept (EBC) workshop at SAMI Headquarters in Vienna held by Robert Exl, one of SAMIs professional instructors. After explaining the general idea of the concept … Read More

15 Jun '17

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Daily Training

Through Daily Training we aim to inspire people to try new methods of training and help instructors to come up with new ideas to vary the content of their classes. You will find exercises, techniques and methods of Panantukan Concept, … Read More

08 Apr '17

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Madrid – 4 day Panantukan Seminar March ’17

Madrid, Spain – 10th-13th March 2017- A four day Panantukan Concept seminar was held at SAMI Madrid, welcoming guests from all over Spain to train hard and learn new techniques first handed from Peter Weckauf.

Peter Weckauf and Robert Exl … Read More

12 Mar '17

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Vienna 7 day Panantukan Seminar February ’17

Vienna, Austria – 13th-17th February 2017 – The first international seven day Panantukan Concept seminar is held at the SAMI headquarter. The guests from all over the world have had the chance to join a very intensive training camp and … Read More