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15 Feb '19

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YouTube Silver Award for 100,000 Subscribers

SAMI Combat Systems gratefully accepts the YouTube Silver Award for reaching over 100,000 subscribers!

Peter Weckauf and his team have been working on Videoclips for YouTube to appeal to a broader audience since 2006. In August 2017 they brought one … Read More

13 Feb '19

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Interview: Peter Weckauf on Krav Maga Concept

Vienna 2019, Peter Weckauf gives us a little insight in why he thinks Krav Maga Concept is one of the most successful concepts, his approach to self-defense and how he found his way into martial arts in the first place.

Krav … Read More

24 Mar '18

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KMC in Netdoktor Magazine

The Austrian health, nutrition and fitness platform published a piece, in which they interviewed Mag. Irmengard Weckauf-Hanzal on SAMIs Krav Maga Concept and its benefits, not only for self defense, but also to build confidence for everyday life.

You … Read More

18 Jan '18

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Tomahawk Concept in BUDO Magazine

The Budo International Magazine published an article on Peter Weckauf’s Tomahawk Fighting Concept. Peter explains why he feels the axe is an important and useful weapon, which will find its place in martial arts.

Scroll down for German version.

German … Read More

15 Jan '18

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SAMI and BUDO International Magazine

The Budo International Magazine published an article on Peter Weckaufs Panantukan Concept, in which they explain what the principles of the concept are, how the training is built up and what is required to become an instructor.

Scroll down for the … Read More

07 Jan '18

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Tricky at the SAMI Academy Berlin

Berlin, Germany – January 2018

The British artist and Trip Hop legend Tricky gave the German newspaper B.Z. an interview at the SAMI Academy in Berlin, where he does his regular Panantukan Concept class with one of our SAMICS Black Belts Pascal … Read More

10 Aug '17

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SAMI in Heute free daily newspaper

The free daily newspaper Heute wrote an article about SAMIs pepper spray workshops. SAMI offers these courses for over ten years now, the demand is increasing. The two hour workshops cost € 35,- and gives insight in theory (jurisdiction, effect … Read More