22. October 2018

From Brooklyn to Vienna [Oct 2018]

October 2018
Anthony Fontana from U.M.A. Brooklyn visited  SAMI headquarters in Vienna and shares some insight on his journey in the following lines.

As many know I opened Unlimited Martial Arts with Sifu Phil Cruz almost 2 years ago. In that time I’ve become a better teacher and continue to witness the beautiful school we built become a well known name in the martial art community.

I love teaching and I always knew it was my purpose many years ago and I am happy that I can live my dream. On the flip side of it, I don’t train nearly as much as I used to when I was just a student, and told myself this needs to change and I need to reset to get back on track.

And that is what I did.

I recently made the choice to train at HQ in Vienna for almost 2 weeks, and this was to better understand as a student what SAMICS is. On top of that I took 4 tests because I want to represent SAMICS as a whole system and have pursued 2 of the 9 Concepts for years now. So I figured why not learn more.

I see the genius is how all the Concepts link together and can flow within them. I just needed to train with Peter and the high level instructors to understand SAMICS more so that I uphold the standards back home.

This was truly another great experience for me as I met more students and have become more familiar with Austria.

Honored and humbled always to be a part of the SAMI Family (SAMILY).

Until the next time,

Anthony Fontana