03 Dec '18

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Krav Maga Instructor Seminar HQ [Nov 2018]

Vienna HQ, Austria – 22nd – 25th of November 2018

This time at the Krav Maga instructor seminar, Peter Weckauf and his team put the emphasis of training on ground fighting, defense from a poor position and didactics. About 30 students from … Read More

19 Nov '18

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Panantukan Instrucor Course [Nov. 2018]

Vienna HQ, Austria – 15th-18th November 2018

Peter Weckauf and his team welcomed more than 30 students to the Panantukan Concept instructor course at the SAMI Headquarters in Vienna. The participants travelled from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, … Read More

15 Nov '18

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Krav Maga Linz Opening

Linz, Oberösterreich – Oktober 2018

Krav Maga Linz, unter der Leitung von Ulrich Gruber, eröffnete im Oktober mit einer leicht verspäteten Einstandsfeier seine neue Trainingshalle am Europaplatz. Auf über 160m² gibt es nun auch in Linz täglich, bis auf Sonntag, … Read More

05 Nov '18

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SAMI warrior goes U.S.A.

SAMI Headquarters’ Georg Platzer went to the United States of America to represent SAMI Combat Systems in Salem, Boston and Union, New Jersey. In a great and motivated atmosphere Georg presented Krav Maga Concept, Panantukan Concept, Knife Fighting Concept and for … Read More

05 Nov '18

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KAPAP (L1) Online Training

NEW NEW NEW We are now offering our students the Kapap Concept Level 1 as an online course. Subscribe here

Video Course Content: KAPAP Concept Level 1

  • RIFLE … Read More
05 Nov '18

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Thanks for 100,000 YouTube Subscribers


100,000 SUBSCRIBERS on YouTube

We are proud to announce our own SAMI YouTube Channel has reached 100,000 subscribers and over 11.5 million views!

Since 2006 we have offered our subscribers online training sequences in Krav Maga, Panantukan, Knife Fighting/Defense, … Read More

24 Oct '18

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SAMICS in Romania [Oct. 2018]

Transylvania, Romania – 16th – 18th of October 2018

SAMI headquarters sent Anton Dyk to the IMCS Academy in Braşov, Transylvania to train the first three Kapap Concept instructors of Romania. The IMCS Academy (Integrated Military Combat System) is founded … Read More

22 Oct '18

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Behördenseminar HQ [Oct 2018]

Wien SAMI HQ – 20. Oktober 2018

Dreißig Teilnehmer aus Deutschland und Österreich, die alle Polizei, Justizwache oder Militär angehören, fanden ihren Weg ins SAMI HQ, um mit Peter Weckauf zu trainieren. Neben dem gemeinsamen Training und Erfahrungsaustausch ging es … Read More

22 Oct '18

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Axe Fighting at SAMI HQ [Oct 2018]

Vienna HQ, Austria – 11th – 14th of October 2018

Around 20 students from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Venezuela, Switzerland, Germany and Austria came to the headquarters to train Tomahawk and Axe Fighting Concept from and … Read More

22 Oct '18

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From Brooklyn to Vienna [Oct 2018]

October 2018 Anthony Fontana from U.M.A. Brooklyn visited  SAMI headquarters in Vienna and shares some insight on his journey in the following lines.

As many know I opened Unlimited Martial Arts with Sifu Phil Cruz almost 2 years ago. In … Read More