31 Jul '18

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Summer Camp Czech Republic

Brno, Czech Republich – 20th-22nd of July 2018

More than 40 students of SAMI Combat Systems joined the summer camp at Brno in Czech Republic hosted by Marian Komrska and Marian Cintula. The students from Switzerland, Germany, Austria and all … Read More

06 Jun '18

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SAMICS EBC & Kapap Concept


Seit zwei Jahren unterrichten SAMICS Cheftrainer Peter Weckauf und sein Team Expandable Baton Concept (EBC), sowie Kapap Concept. Der Umgang mit dem Teleskopeinsatzstock (TES) ist mittlerweile ein eigenes Ausbildungssystem in den österreichischen Justizanstalten und erfreut … Read More

01 Jun '18

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SAMICS Instructor Gathering 2018

Essex, United Kingdom – 25th – 27th of May 2018

For the first time in SAMICS history all SAMICS instructors were invited to join the 2018 Instructor Gathering at the Crowne Plaza in Colchester, Essex in the United Kingdom. In … Read More

01 Jun '18

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SAMICS in Argentina

Tucumán, Argentina – 10th-13th of May 2018

After an exhausting journey to Argentina Peter Weckauf and Georg Platzer were rewarded with an overwhelmingly affectionate welcome in Tucumán. Jose Nacul organized the seminar for Panantukan and Knife Fighting Concept, which was … Read More

07 May '18

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International Knife Intensive Course at HQ

Vienna HQ, Austria – 30th of April – 6th of May 2018

Around 30 students from Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Romania and from all over Austria joined Peter Weckauf, Robert Exl and Georg Platzer for the … Read More

02 May '18

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UK Seminar Weekend – Kapap & SDS Concepts

Essex, United Kingdom – 28th-29th of April 2018

Peter Weckauf and Irmi Weckauf-Hanzal travelled to the United Kingdom to hold a weekend seminar for Kapap and S.D.S. Concept with Paul Bennett and Martin Sillitoe from SAMI UK. Over 25 students attended the seminar … Read More

30 Apr '18

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Luta Livre at HQ with Andyconda

Vienna HQ, Austria – 21st – 22nd April 2018

Andyconda, Georg Schober and Michael Dubsky invited their students for another weekend of Andyconda Luta Livre (ELLO) at SAMI Headquarters in Vienna.

In May 2018 there will be one of the … Read More

30 Apr '18

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Stick Fighting Concept at HQ

Vienna HQ, Austria – 18th-22nd of April 2018

Students from Germany, Switzerland and Austria came together at the SAMI headquarters to train with Peter Weckauf in Stick Fighting Concept. For four days they trained in all levels and had the … Read More

10 Apr '18

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April 2018, Switzerland

The swiss online platform featured the head-instructor of the SAMI Academy Switzerland in Zurich Marco Schnyder in an interview. He explains how he started to teach Self Defense classes, gives impressions of how to defend yourself when … Read More

09 Apr '18

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SAMI Czech Republic & the Police Protection Service

Prague, Czech Republic – 3rd – 5th of April 2018

Marian Komrska organized a three day Knife Fighting Concept Course for the instructors of the Police Protection Service in Prague. Together with Marian Cintula they adapted the training, so the … Read More